Going Google

Air Arabia is now starting to switch its email and calendar systems from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps. With Google Apps, we'll gain the benefits of 100% web-based messaging and collaboration tools, as well as lower infrastructure and support costs.

What Will Happen

In next few weeks, we'll turn on your new Google Apps account. At that time, all your new email messages will be delivered to your Google Apps account and any new calendar events to which you're invited will appear on your Google Calendar.

Important: Existing email messages, calendar events, and personal contacts in Outlook will not appear in your Google Apps account immediately. However, you can access your email, calendar, and personal contacts from  Outlook for few more weeks.

What You'll Need to Do

After you get email notice for a date of switch, attend the training and, log in to your Google Apps account and begin using it for all your email correspondence and calendar scheduling. Depending on how you currently use Outlook, you might also need to complete the following tasks:

  • Upload your personal contacts in your Outlook Contacts to Google Apps.

  • Recreate your calendar events.

  • Create your email signature.

  • Recreate your Outlook/Notes email rules using the "filters" feature in Google Mail.

  • Set up your mobile device and synchronize your data (if applicable).

We'll provide detailed instructions to help you complete these tasks quickly.